Public works

Public Works Realized

In addition to the design of private buildings, the firm provides the design of public works.
Our vast knowledge can range from the design of buildings and villas to that of big scale Public Works.

  • Seismic adjustment Scavonnetto School in Carlentini (SR);
  • Museum and Nature Center in Ragusa;
  • Day care center for Minors in Comiso (RG);
  • Istituto Tecnico Commerciale in Scicli (RG);
  • Conversion Municipal Slaughterhouse in Comiso (RG);
  • Construction Management School L. Da Vinci in Montemesola (TA);
  • Sacred Heart Institute maintenance “Casa delle Fanciulle” in Comiso (RG);
  • Completion of infrastructure of Social Centre of Ragusa;
  • Development of Arrangement Plan of the Naturalistic Reserve Pino d’Aleppo in Ragusa;
  • P.R.G. 3rd Industrial Center of Ragusa;
  • Main diagram of P.R.G. of Mazzarrone (CT);